About Gradation Curves

In GMG OpenColor, you can use gradation curves for the following purposes:

  • To specify the tone value curve of an ink if only solid ink measurements are available. This allows you to predict the ink behavior in the proof when the design uses tints. The factory-default PANTONE inks, for example, are all linked to one of the ISO gradation curves listed in the Database. (It is mandatory to specify a gradation curve if only solid ink measurements are available.)
  • To change the tone value gradation of an ink if the target printing process is different from the characterization. This allows you to flexibly reuse existing characterization data to proof similar printing processes with different tone value curves.
  • As a RIP compensation curve.

Values in-between fulcrums are interpolated by linear regression. We recommend to add fulcrums in 10% or even smaller steps.

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