Optimizing the Profile Quality

If you want to improve the profile quality, you can do so by repetitive printing and measuring of a test chart. After each optimization cycle, the profile needs to be exported again for the next test chart print in GMG ColorProof.

  • In a Project, select a halftone proof profile and click the Iterate button on the Actions bar.

Iteration dialog box.

The application will show you a preview of the test chart (1) and a list of the iteration cycle results. The integrated test chart generator helps you to find the best patch configuration by automatically selecting the relevant patches for your printing process, inks, and measuring device.

To optimize the profile, you will need to save the test chart as a PDF and process it in your imagesetter RIP. Print the resulting 1-bit files in GMG ColorProof with the exported DotProof profile, as described below.

Then, open this dialog box again and click the Measure Chart button (2) to measure directly in GMG OpenColor. Alternatively, you can measure in 3rd party software and import the measurement.

Measurement values are listed as Current Values with average and maximum Delta E (3). A detailed list with all values can be displayed by clicking the Statistics button (4).

Repeat this procedure until you are satisfied with the results. In case of several iterations, select the iteration you want to use by marking it with a green check mark (5).

Printing the 1-Bit Test Chart Files

The 1-bit TIFF files of the test chart should be produced under exactly the same target printing conditions you want to simulate.