Supported Printing Conditions

Supported printing technologies

  • Gravure, Offset, Flexo, as well as toner-based and ink jet digital printing technologies are fully supported.

Supported production stock

  • All kind of “white” substrates, for example, coated paper, uncoated paper, yellowish paper, cardboard, white top linerboard, white foil, and transparent foil with white undercoat or backing.
  • Metallic foil for prototype proofing on an Epson SC-S80600 printer.
  • Not supported: Aluminum, metallic foil and transparent foil without white undercoat or backing.

Possible applications

  • CMYK + spot colors, especially with overprinting spot colors: The design is based on CMYK, but the brand color is a spot color. The spot color is also used to overprint with CMYK, but the image is mainly separated in CMYK.
  • Brand identification: CMYK inks are replaced by brand colors, e.g. Magenta is replaced by Red.
  • Extended color spaces, for example, PANTONE Hexachrome or Esko Equinox