Access your Project Data over the Browser Using GMG OpenColor RemoteClient

With the browser based GMG OpenColor RemoteClient, you can access GMG OpenColor projects from any computer in your local network.

  • The Projects tabbed page shows all finalized and published projects. You can export Lab target values as CGATS from here.
  • The Separations tabbed page shows all projects with a finalized and published separation. You can check spot color separation values from here.
  • The Queue tabbed page shows all profile calculations currently in progress. You can use this page to estimate how long it will take until a profile is available. You can also cancel a profile calculation, for example, when you need another profile very urgently.

Open GMG OpenColor RemoteClient in your browser

Type the following address into the address bar of your browser. Please make sure that GMG OpenColor is running and access to the address is not prohibited by your IT security policy.

http://[IP of the computer running GMG OpenColor]:[port number]/remoteClient/

You can make your first try on the computer running GMG OpenColor:


GMG OpenColor RemoteClient in a browser. You can use the search bar to find a specific project.