August 3, 2022

Separate communication for new features and bug fixes

We want to give you a better overview of new features as well as fixed issues and thus combine this content in one place. As of today, you can find this information in our What's New section, which you can access from our help startpage. You will also receive a direct link to the version details in every release newsletter.

Please visit the following link to learn more about all news specifically in version 2.4: What's new in GMG OpenColor 2.4
March 1, 2022

Higher stability

This version contains several stability improvements as well as minor bug fixes.

40162, 40291, 40296, 40298, 40504, 40792
February 8, 2022

Higher stability and performance

This version contains several stability and performance improvements as well as minor bug fixes.

13839, 16257, 35358, 37779, 38357, 38481, 38767, 38780, 38811, 38812, 39167, 39236, 39256, 39433, 39807, 39975, 40095
November 16, 2021

Gradations with <unknown> tag in their name

After a characterization's gradation curve had been edited and saved separately in the database, its name did not refer to the source characterization, but instead contained the label <unknown>.

16256, 36930, 37617, 37780

High latency for characterization search

The search for characterizations in the Select Characterization dialog took very long. The dialog can be found under Projects > Favorites > [Project Name] > Edit Icon > Tools & Actions > Characterizations > From Database....

15436, 15596, 15634

X-Rite i1Pro 3 Plus - Failing measurement for custom patches

Measuring custom patches with the device X-Rite i1 Pro 3 Plus was not possible. The measurement failed.

Selected device is not supported for custom patches.

16705, 37143, 36442

Unspecific error message on CxF file import

Importing spot color data as CxF failed with an error message, not specifying the reason for the failure. We have improved the message text to show the cause. In the mentioned case, the import failed because the CxF file contained unsupported object types.

The selected file format cannot be used.

The selected file [NAME].cxf is not a valid measurement data file.

16139, 37784

Separation profiles - Wrong measuring condition with option "From Press Condition"

After a new target color space had been calculated with the option From Press Condition, its measurement condition was M0, although the source characterization's measurement condition was M1.

36847, 36882

Missing test chart reference in measurement data dialog

After a characterization had been duplicated, the reference to the test chart was missing in its measurement data dialog. Instead, a red exclamation mark was displayed as a warning signal in the corresponding selection field.


Misleading error message after color specification for CxF file import

Choosing a certain color specification on CxF file import failed with an error message, saying the file would not be a valid measuring data file. This was misleading since the issue was not the CxF file but only the chosen color specification. Since it had no inks connected, it should not have appeared in the list of selectable measurements.

The selected file is not a valid measurement data file.


GMG SmartProfiler - Failing profile calculation with X-Rite i1iO Pro 3

After measuring with the measuring device X-Rite i1iO i1Pro 3, the profile calculation with GMG SmartProfiler Spectral failed.

Calculation of profiles failed. See log for more details...


GMG ColorServer - Inconsistent test chart names for GMG SmartProfiler characterizations

The test chart naming within a GMG SmartProfiler characterization was not consistent, it differed depending on the section displayed.


Missing target values after project import

After importing a specific GMG SmartProfiler project, the Color Corrections dialog's for target modes Absolute and Media Relative were empty.


Wrong gradations after paper tint alteration

Changing a characterization's paper tint erroneously affected the tone value curves as well.


Desaturated secondary colors for profiles without black channel

If a multicolor profile was calculated without black channel, the secondary colors red, green, and blue were desaturated in the output.


Missing buttons after editing Media

After editing a media, the UI buttons Save and Cancel were missing. Changing another value for the medium and confirming with Enter failed.

!Pending Save


Separation Rules - Incomplete calculation for specific spot colors

After a new separation rule had been created for a CMYK+OGV multicolor workflow, which contained spot colors of the Pantone® Solid Coated-V4 - M1.ga set, the colors Pantone® 803 C and Pantone® 803 U could not be calculated. The calculation for these colors got stuck in the processing status Pending Calculation.

August 5, 2021

GMG Calibration Creation Wizard for Epson SureColor SC-S80600 - "Error Communication with OpenColor"

When using GMG Calibration Creation Wizard in GMG ColorProof for the Epson Sure Color SC-S80600, the wizard crashed while test charts were being requested from the connected GMG OpenColor server. An error message was shown.

No connection to OpenColor

16198, 16335, US-35051

Crash on creating test chart with custom ink channel name

When creating a GMG OpenColor test chart with custom ink channel name, the application crashed while naming the ink channel.

16040, 16265

Incorrect measurement data correction for files with duplicate color measurements

If the imported measurement data file included several measurements for specific colors, the measurement correction in the characterization's Measurement Data dialog led to high dE values.


Slow saving of gradation curves for large database

For a database with a very large number of projects and characterizations, saving new gradation curves could take several minutes.


"Save & Close" - Missing buttons in gradation dialog

In the gradation dialog for already existing gradations, the buttons Save and Save & Close were missing.

June 14, 2021

No measurement data in CXF file exported from TECHKON SpectroConnect

When trying to import a CXF file created by TECHKON SpectroConnect and including an incorrect MeasurementType definition, an empty Import Measurement Data window was shown.

14902, 14915, 15331

Wrong color change indication in ink wedge preview

After the target gradation curve of a spot color created from a measured solid had been changed, the ink wedge preview in the Color Correction dialog incorrectly indicated a color change.


Unpublished projects after automatic profile removing

When changing critical project parameters, invalidating existing profiles, the user has the option to have outdated projects automatically deleted by the Profile Change Management application. If dynamic profiles included in such a project had been removed this way, the project reverted to unpublished state, rendering it inaccessible to GMG ColorProof.


Missing error message for invalid CXF files

When importing an invalid CXF file with an incorrect decimal separator, only an empty Import Measurement Data window without any error message was shown.


Blank characterization after measurement data import

When importing characterization measurement data into a new project via Project > Import, this resulted in a blank characterization.

April 28, 2021

Sample Offset Project - ISO Coated v2 (39L) missing after update

After updating GMG OpenColor from version 2.4.0 or lower, the Sample Offset Project - ISO Coated v2 (39L) was missing.

March 18, 2021

Error on calculating MXN profiles with white channel

If MXN proof profiles contained both more than 8 colors and a white channel, the calculation failed with an error.

Error calculating device link profile.

14990, 14917, 14908, US-33308

First printing dot ignored in Separation Rules

The values for bright spot colors were too low after Separation Rules calculation because the first printing dot had not been taken into account.

January 25, 2021

GMG DotProof - No ink gradation editing for calculated MXD profiles

For calculated GMG DotProof profiles (MXD), the dot gain curve could not be edited in the editing dialog.

08104, 08956

GMG ChannelExtender – Wrong preview

After activating the GMG ChannelExtender option Preview for RGB-to-ECG conversions, the image in Adobe® Photoshop® turned white.


GMG DotProof – Unsatisfying iteration results for dark colors

In some cases, the iteration of GMG DotProof profiles (MXD) failed bringing the black ink and its overprints close enough to the LAB target values.


GMG DotProof – Calculation error

If one of the inks had a non-monotonically increasing gradation curve, the calculation of GMG DotProof profiles (MXD) failed with an error message.

Error Processing


GMG SmartProfiler Spectral – Missing separation rule

If the GMG OpenColor project was still open while calculating a new GMG SmartProfiler resource, the separation rule was not included into the new resource.


Ink name search in spot color libraries

Ink names containing a white space were not found using the search function in the spot color library.


Inaccurate separation rules calculation after TAC restriction

If the TAC (Total Area Coverage) was reduced, the separation rules calculation was not as precise as possible.


i1iSis - Failing test chart measurement

If one of the standard multipage i1iSis test charts (e.g. GMG TCN CMYKOG - i1iSis) has been selected in the measurement dialog, the measurement failed due to a corrupt test chart layout.


Matchmycolor Colibri® – Missing inks after data import

After importing inks into the GMG OpenColor characterization via the Matchmycolor Colibri® dialog, all inks with a non 45/0 measurement geometry were missing.


Software crash during project export

GMG OpenColor projects containing separation profiles also used as input color spaces in other projects caused a software crash when being exported.

November 25, 2020

Separation rules synchronization

Newly created spot colors were not automatically updated in the corresponding separation rule set.


Wrong naming of automatic CPU settings

The default setting for the configuration of the CPU cores was wrongly named Moderate Reduction instead of Automatic.

13689, 13829

Processing error when using only 1 CPU core

If the CPU cores setting in the GMG OpenColor preference was set to 1, the profile calculation for GMG SmartProfiler resources could not be finished.

13713, 13730

French UI - Recalibration error

If the French UI was used, the recalibration of GMG SmartProfiler resources caused an error.

Error saving MX profile to temp location


Failing measurement of GMG ECI2020darker visual - i1IO test chart

After selecting the GMG ECI2020darker visual - i1IO test chart in the measurement dialog, GMG OpenColor crashed.


Failing import of PantoneLIVE colors

PantoneLIVE inks with certain special characters in their name could not be downloaded into GMG OpenColor characterizations. One example for such a color is Coffé.

October 20, 2020

Error for spot colors with inverted gradation curve

GMG ColorProof jobs containing GMG OpenColor spot colors with an inverted gradation curve failed. These spot colors could not be found in the GMG OpenColor project and the job could not be printed.


First and last printing dot

The defined first and last printing dot were ignored in the calculation of the separation rule.

12146, 12715, 13347

X-Rite i1Pro / i1Pro 2 - Corrupt multipage test charts

If existing multipage test charts for X-Rite i1Pro and X-Rite i1Pro 2 handheld devices were reopened in the test chart generation dialog, the patch layout was changed.


Alias names for White

The Alias names for White as defined in the project’s proofing conditions were not saved in the project


After update to version 2.4 - Unavailable separation calculation actions

After updating from version 2.3 to 2.4, calculation actions on the Separation tab were no longer available if the screen angles in the ink settings were wrongly defined.


Epson WT7900 – Typing Alias names for white ink

It was difficult to type alias names for White into the text field of the corresponding proofing condition dialog. The cursor disappeared if a typing pause of more than 2 seconds was made.

September 8, 2020

Application crash during GMG DotProof iteration

After a GMG DotProof chart had been successfully measured, GMG OpenColor crashed while applying the measurement data to the iteration dialog. If GMG OpenColor was then restarted, the measurement was missing completely.

11537, 11561, 12813, 12759, 12951
July 9, 2020

Wrong description of modified test charts

The detailed test chart description beneath the preview window for newly created charts was not updated after modifying the page or patch size of the charts.


June 18, 2020

Failing dynamic profile creation

When the web service was processing multiple profile calculations at once, the dynamic profile creation sometimes failed with an error message, or the application even crashed.

Error creating profile. The selected measurement file and the defined ink settings could not be applied.

UK-12611, US-26999, US-27450, US-27452

Failing connection to Matchmycolor Colibri®

GMG OpenColor did not provide a clear error message when trying to connect to Matchmycolor Colibri® with incorrect access details.

Daten können nicht übertragen werden.


Use of renamed separation rules in Hybrid PackZ

If a separation rule had been renamed in GMG OpenColor before, it could no longer be used in Hybrid PackZ.

Separation rule is required


Konika Minolta FD-9: crashing measurement of GMG OpenColor test charts

GMG OpenColor test charts for digital printing processes could not be measured with the Konika Minolta FD-9 device.

Could not process chart