December 12, 2017
ChannelExtender for GMG ColorPlugin
Separate your whole design from RGB to your custom ink setup directly in Adobe Photoshop - with the new ChannelExtender.
Spot color behavior on different paper tints
Control the behavior of each spot color towards paper tint changes in your whole process.
DotProof profiles with custom spot colors
Add job specific inks to an existing DotProof profile, without additional printing and measuring of test charts.
Environment backup
You can now create and restore an environment backup for the entire GMG OpenColor instance including database, projects, characterizations, measurements, and calculated profiles.
Maximum Value for Separation Rules
You can now define a Maximum Value for Separation Rules.
Separation Rules change management
We also improved the performance of change management in general: when changing separation rules, only profiles that are affected by those changes will be cleaned up and need to be recalculated.

End of life for support of 32-bit operating systems. Version 2.1.3 runs on 64-bit systems only.

September 14, 2017
Native 64-bit support
GMG OpenColor is now available as a native 64bit application, allowing access to the available system resources without the limits of a 32bit address space.
Change management improvements
Don't be afraid any more of changing or removing settings. Our new improvements make sure that you cannot corrupt your links between test charts, characterizations and projects.
June 8, 2017
Profiling without test chart
Profiles can now be created on the running printed sheet - no need for a test chart.
Adding spot colors to an existing library
It is now possible to easily add a new spot color to an existing library by taking a quick measurement.
Automatic OBA detection
The new OBA detection helps you create characterization data and proofs for media containing optical brightener agents (OBA).
Measurement improvements
To save valuable work and time, GMG OpenColor comes with several measurement improvements.
New characterizations
New characterizations have been added to GMG OpenColor
Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 media support
New proof media for the printer Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 have been added.
New measuring devices
GMG OpenColor now supports new X-Rite and Konica measuring devices.
GMG OpenColor now contains the PANTONE® Plus Metallics spot color library.

GMG OpenColor 2.1 is a chargeable version and requires a new license. It requires application service 1.2.397.