August 1, 2019
Spot color separation library for GMG ColorServer

GMG OpenColor's prediction engine automatically calculates the best color match when separating spot colors for an all-to-CMYK-printing process. The resulting spot color library can now also be used in GMG ColorServer easily.

Extended separation option

With the additional OpenColor Separation license, you can now use all Printing Process types, i.e. Flexo, Gravure, and Offset, as input color spaces for separation profiles.

Faster smoothing

The processing time for smoothing measurement data has been reduced, especially for measurement data with more than 4 colors.

Archive Import usability enhancements

When importing data to GMG OpenColor from an archive, you will see an import overview, enhancing collaboration and preventing mistakes.

February 25, 2019
SCTV support
ISO 20654:2017 defines a metric for assessing intermediate tones of a spot ink. GMG OpenColornow supports this method for the calculation of Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) that produces approximately uniform visual spacing of tones between substrate and solid.
Color separation customization
The feature set of the Separation Rules has been extended to enable you to customize color separations for your specific needs.
Measurement data quality assessment
The automatic spectral correction of measurement data now offers the possibility to display the results of the correction in the test chart's layout. Thus, it simplifies the analysis of wrong color values.
Spot color management
Use the new import and export function for spot color libraries, delete spot colors from libraries without the need to think about dependencies, or remove a gradation even after assigning it to a spot color.

Profile calculation after ink sequence change
When the ink sequence is changed in the project, all characterization data that is still valid for the new ink sequence will be used for profile calculation for even better color match results.
RGB-to-ECG separation profiles
Expanded color gamut profiles of the type RGB-to-ECG can now be requested by Hybrid Software PACKZ version 5.1 or higher
User experience
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October 18, 2018
Automatic spectral measurement data correction
You can now easily apply an auto-correction for measurement data with a push of a button. GMG OpenColor averages duplicates, removes outliers, and smooths the measurement data.
Imported measurement data export
You will now be able to recover the original measurement data you imported into GMG OpenColor or measured directly in GMG OpenColor for further use in other applications.
Realistic First Printing Dot Simulation
GMG OpenColor has now a realistic First Printing Dot simulation on proofing for flexographic printing processes.
Pure color management
More control to purify colors are available for CMYK-to-CMYK separation profiles.
PANTONE Extended Gamut Coated Guide Support
GMG OpenColor now supports the PANTONE Extended Gamut Coated Guide spot color library.
Change management for proof profiles
For a fail-safe use, it is important that profiles are up-to-date with the current project configuration. GMG OpenColor includes an efficient change management for proof profiles.
CxF 3.0/X-4 support
The ISO 17972-4:2018 standard defines a universal color exchange format in the form of a CxF 3.0 document. You can now use this standard file format for importing spot color libraries from other applications into GMG OpenColor.
Epson Stylus Pro WT media support for DotProof
GMG OpenColor supports new media types for DotProof on Epson Stylus Pro WT. MXD profiles now can also include a White channel.