March 17, 2020
Support of 10 additional FOGRA offset print standards
This version now includes all FOGRA offset characterizations for AM screening.
Support of Idealliance ECG test charts CMYKOGV for X-Rite i1iO
The new two test charts are based on the Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) characterization chart for use in characterizing and calibrating multicolor print processes. It was created by a subcommittee within the Idealliance Print Properties and Colorimetric Council as a part of the Idealliance Global ECG project.
Time saving and more convenient Separation Rules dialog box
Several enhancements make the link between input and output project more transparent and accessible, to save your valuable time and to make your life a little bit easier:
  • You can now see the Target Mode in the Separation Rules dialog box. You do not need to switch to the input project anymore to see how a color will be handled if the paper tint of the output project deviates from the input project (or characterization).
  • Instead of manually navigating to the input project, you can now click the Save data and jump to input project button to jump directly to the input project, for example, to change the input colors.
  • You are notified if the separation rules are not synchronized with the input project, i.e. if input colors have been changed without updating the separation rules.
Customizable columns and improved search
Get a better overview and find items faster by customizing the columns in the Database view.
New cross-project profile lists
Separate lists for proof profiles and separation profiles have been added to the Database view. Each list shows all profiles of the respective type from all projects. With this new feature, you can get an overview at a glance as well as easily find a specific profile.
Extended test chart view
All test charts supported in GMG OpenColor are now listed in the Test Charts view. (In previous versions, only test charts created by the user were listed.)
Change management for custom gradations
For a fail-safe use, it is important that all data is up-to-date with the current project configuration. GMG OpenColor extended the change management to custom gradations. Please follow the link for more information: Change Management
Database cleanup to boost application performance
When version 2.3.1 is started for the first time, all obsolete information in the database such as incomplete profiles and temporary files will be removed. Finished and usable profiles will not be touched. This cleanup results in better performance and will be done automatically every time you launch GMG OpenColor from now on.
Support for import of 7c CMYKOGV Esko Equinox measurement data
You can now import measurement data based on combinations of CMYK, OMYK, CGYK, and CMVK from the standard ECI2002/IT8.7-4 test chart or from the Esko EDK9 test chart.
January 30, 2020
Epson SureColor P75x0 / P95x0 support
GMG OpenColor supports the new Epson printers Epson Sure Color P75x0 and P95x0 with a newly developed 12-channel print head and ink technology.
December 2, 2019
Media library organization
GMG OpenColor 2.3 offers a new way of organizing your media in a separate media library (Database > Media).
Toggle view for MD and SCTV curves
Wondering how your flexo bump will look like in SCTV mode? Now you can toggle the view by the press of a button.
PANTONE® Coated & Uncoated spot color set update
GMG OpenColor now contains the latest version of PANTONE® Coated & Uncoated spot color sets with 294 new colors.
New GMG ProofMedia studio OBA semiMatte 200
GMG ProofMedia studio OBA semiMatte 200 enables proofing of products printed on coated production paper and containing optical brightening agents (OBAs) such as magazines or brochures but also packaging.