Available GMG OpenColor Licenses

GMG OpenColor Profiler Base

The base license allows the use of GMG OpenColor, including the support of widely-used measuring devices, industry-standard characterizations, and spot color libraries from Pantone and HKS.

GMG OpenColor is available with four different preset options with printing process related preset data for simulating flexo, offset, gravure, and digital environments.

To fully operate, the base license requires the following additional licensed options:

  • At least one profiling preset (Flexo / Offset / Gravure / Digital)
  • Separation and/or Proofing option

Proof profiles

  • Proofing option: Required for the creation and export of static proof profiles, and for dynamic proof profile generation for use in GMG ColorProof. Without the additional DotProof license, only ContoneProof profiles are supported.
  • DotProof option: Required for the creation and export of DotProof profiles for use in GMG ColorProof. This license also requires the Proofing option.
  • Using the created proof profiles in GMG ColorProof also requires a GMG OpenColor Output license on the machine GMG ColorProof is running.

Separation profiles

  • Separation option: Required for the creation and export of separation profiles and spot color separations.
  • GMG OpenColor ColorBook option: Required for the generation of a ColorBook PDF from Separation Rules in GMG OpenColor or in GMG ColorServer.
  • GMG OpenColor ColorBook Pantone Pack option (discontinued): Required for the generation of a ColorBook PDF from Separation Rules using the option PANTONEĀ® Solid Coated V4 ColorBook in GMG OpenColor or in GMG SmartProfiler. This is a counter based license. The application will notify you with the option to cancel the process each time before the counter will be reduced. When your counter reaches zero, you will not be able to use this option anymore.

Advanced features

  • OpenColor Export Target Values option: Required for the export of Lab target values from GMG OpenColor RemoteClient. This license is available as an additional option with pricing on request. Please follow the link for more information: Export Lab Target Values

Licenses for connectivity to third-party applications

  • MeasureColor: 1 seat per connected Colorware MeasureColor instance