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The current issue of TrueColors is about closeness and distance. How do creative retail designers achieve an intimate experience in the ‘brick and mortar’ retail market? How far away are you in the home office? How close are packaging designers to the product? And: what do the packaging printers have to say? Is multicolor printing trending in digital print, or is it more established with fixed color palettes in analog printing processes?

Temples of contemplation

How and where do we want to shop in the future? Only online, from the sofa? Without human interaction, surprise, and inspiration? Unlikely, because there is so much more to experience than the digital world can offer.

Sensory experiences and concepts that reflect the zeitgeist, trigger feelings, inspire fresh ideas, and allow us to create new worlds. Precisely the task of retail designers. They keep injecting fresh ideas into brick and mortar retail; they have the ambition to lure an increasingly demanding clientele and the growing community of lazy online shoppers off the couch. We investigated the latest and greatest new retail concepts from around the world. Join us on this journey of discovery. / Read more (PDF)

Close to the product – packaging design
requires interesting content

Packaging design is continuously pushing the boundaries. This applies particularly to consumer goods brands where we see multiple trends, all designed to differentiate but also express brands more strongly. Where does the courage to do something different come from? Why is the design of packaging becoming more and more diverse? And how does all of this fit with consumers who live and shop increasingly in a digital world?

Purposeful gradients: The packaging concept “Ikigai”, designed by the French-Australian design studio Blackthorns, includes design variants for different types of beer. The colorful and lively design with its purposeful gradients refers to the Japanese term “Ikigai” (reason for being). / Read more (PDF)

Le Corbusier – the freedom 
of a closed system

In 1931 and 1959, Le Corbusier developed a color system with a total of 63 concisely nuanced tones. Long forgotten, the colors are more relevant today than ever – once meant for wallpaper, these colors now adorn furniture, walls, radiators and watches.

Classic modernist architecture is inseparably linked with one name: Le Corbusier. Even more than five decades after his death, the Swiss-born is an architectural demigod. He left behind icons such as the Villa Savoye in Paris, a recently restored family home on the Weissenhof in Stuttgart (see illustration above) or – his late work – the Notre-Dame-du-Haut chapel in Ronchamp. / Read more (PDF)

„Packaging is a printed product
with a future.“

Peter Reich (pictured) from Constantia Flexibles knows all the packaging trends – he has worked for what feels like an eternity at a company that is undoubtedly one of the industry leaders. He accepted TrueColors’ invitation and met Holger Fröbel – a packaging expert himself – on this sunny afternoon in the Würzburg coworking space. His company, Fröbel Medientechnik, supports packaging service providers with know-how and intelligent solutions to optimize their processes – especially in the area of color management.

The Tech Talk begins by taking a look at the past, but Peter Reich and Holger Fröbel prefer to talk about the packaging industry's current challenges. / Read more (PDF)

„What counts are consistent results across multiple locations and varying production processes.“

Holger Fröbel, Fröbel Medientechnik
in the TrueColors Tech Talk

„Multicolor is coming. Color isn't an issue, as with GMG we are in full control. At our site in Mexico, we produce bags of chips with multicolor in flexo printing for instance. No issues at all."

Peter Reich, Constantia Flexibles,
in the TrueColors Tech Talk

„It is prepress
that ensures efficiency in the pressroom.“

Holger Fröbel, Fröbel Medientechnik,
in the TrueColors Tech Talk

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