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Next round: Aqua Monaco

How is it possible to conquer a young, hip and unpredictable audience with something as seemingly simple as water? And doing good at the same time? Aqua Monaco has the answer.

Aqua Monaco has not only multiple award-winning products but also huge credibility in the market. The company is currently celebrating its tenth birthday and is considered the most successful local start-up in its segment. / Read more (PDF)

The garden helpers

Gardena is a synonym for high-quality garden tools – and also a prime example of a glistening brand. The founders laid the foundation over 50 years ago – with a strong focus on design and the color turquoise, among other things. The fact that this choice of color was probably more of a coincidence makes its success story even more interesting.

Gardena seems to do everything right – and has done so for more than five decades. Right from the beginning, the founders were aware of the importance of design and branding. Clearly ahead of their time in the 1960s, when design took place in only a few forward-thinking companies.

Colors played a key role in building the brand: a trio of turquoise, orange and gray that is still valid today. / Read more (PDF)

illy and the art of espresso

Beauty and goodness, are, according to Greek culture, the elements that embody the ideal of perfection. At illy in Trieste, Italy, it is said that the balance between the beautiful and the good has long been found. It’s about aesthetics and yes – also about coffee, of course. 

Someone familiar with ideas is Carlo Bach. Born in Cologne in 1967, the artist, began working with illycaffè a good 20 years ago. In 2005 he became the company’s art director. Bach lives in Udine and is responsible for communication and design as well as the illy Art Collection. For the German-Italian, the cups designed by artists are a fitting expression of the company’s vision of the beautiful and the good. / Read more (PDF)

A visit at HP:
hyper customized packaging

Personalization and individualization, small run and limited editions – these are the current megatrends in marketing, not just in Europe but globally. That’s why a well-known chocolate brand is suddenly called Vanessa, and washing-up liquid bottles are transformed into unique items. This “hypercustomization” is made possible by the interaction of printing technology and software.

“Around 35 percent of customers want more personalized products,” says Nicole Ceccantini, “among millennials, that increases to 50 percent”. Nicole Ceccantini is part of the HP Indigo Business Development Team. / Read more (PDF)

Prepress is key

Andreas Kraushaar initially had ‘no idea about printing’ when he started at Fogra 20 years ago. He did however, bring one thing above all: a passion for color. As a media technology student, he was so fascinated by the lecture of a professor of lighting technology that color would shape his career from then on. Today, as head of prepress technology, Kraushaar is almost an old hand – his enthusiasm for color remains.

Andreas Kraushaar: “I heard the following sentence from a well-known flexo printing machine manufacturer: “Our machines are best managed by an operator and a dog. The job is made ready by the operator, then the dog guards the machine to ensure no one gets near it to make any changes”. A nice picture, in my opinion and that, of course, means that the data must be optimally prepared for these specific print conditions.” / Read more (PDF)


“GMG is clearly playing
in the proofing Champions League.”

Andreas Kraushaar, Fogra


“Color code with signal effect –
not only at the point of sale”

Martin Rauch, Gardena’s Head of Design

“Around 35 percent of customers
want more personalized products”

Nicole Ceccantini, HP

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