Multicolor conquers the
packaging industry

Better quality and efficiency
in digital print using fixed ink sets

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"Digital like offset - 3 steps to consistent colors in packaging printing"

Shorter production times and smaller job sizes increase the need of efficient processes regarding color communication and set up, especially when it comes to digital printing. ​But digital printing is not standardized – so how to enable a reliable and efficient color processing workflow?​

What you'll learn:

  • How to avoid manual corrections and press proofs on your press
  • How to set your own standards for packaging printing and thus produce flexibly and predictably in both digital and conventional printing processes
  • What you need to consider when preparing print data and how to proof correctly

Multicolor requires new thinking and, in return, offers many new opportunities

Clients demand ever faster and more flexible production timelines. This trend will continue thanks to the possibilities of digital printing.

  • The concept of a fixed Multicolor ink set convinces across print processes - it offers enormous advantages not only in digital printing, but also in flexo-, gravure- and offset printing.
  • With additional process colors, the Multicolor workflow enables for significantly shorter makeready times compared to spot color printing
  • The expanded color space also leads to visibly higher quality results

Without a reliable color management process digital print is difficult to control

The possibilities of digital printing are huge.
There’s only one catch: even the latest machines will present you with surprising print results

  • There is no industry standard for digital printing
  • In reality, standard digital printing equipment will only get you so far
  • Prepress is crucial to achieving predictable results in digital print – manual intervention on press is only possible to a very limited extent

If you expect accurate brand colors, you’ll love Multicolor

In packaging print, spot colors are often used to accurately present a brand’s product range but how do you achieve accurate brand colors using digital print where only a fixed color set is available?

  • Precise reproduction of spot colors – no compromises in accuracy, with a lot more flexibility and efficiency
  • From client data to target print process – automated conversion of spot colors with a simple mouse click
  • Complete control – reliable results, user-friendly application and efficient process

Another word for flexibility: Multicolor

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You decide: accurate cross-process results or maximum vibrancy with Multicolor

Cyan, magenta, yellow and black plus orange, green and purple: Multicolor enables you to always achieve exactly the result your customer desires.

  • Consistent results – when digital print results exactly match conventional print
  • Brilliant colors – make use of the possibilities of an extended color space for even more impressive print results
  • Identical reprints – print jobs can now be reprinted anytime, always in the exact same quality on different presses and across different print processes

"The exact same result,
be it digital or offset print."

Alexander Gaugenmaier, Quality Manager at Edelman Group

The Multicolor solution from GMG at a glance

Consistent results

Digital print results that exactly match conventional print

Brilliant colors

Achieve even more impressive results thanks to the extended color space

Spot colors

No compromises in accuracy, with a lot more flexibility and efficiency

Identical reprints

Reprint jobs anytime – always in identical quality irrespective of the press and even across various print processes