Adding a Custom GMG ProofControl Standard

The GMG ProofControl Print Standard XML files linked to a proof standard on the Proof Verification tabbed page provide the target values and the tolerances for a verification by printing a control strip together with the proof job. This control strip will be measured either automatically by the measuring device integrated into the printer (requires a GMG ProofControl Inline license) or manually in GMG ProofControl. GMG ColorProof and GMG ProofControl will automatically compare the measured colors with the target values as defined in the proof standard and show the results to you. If the differences between measured values and target values are within the tolerances, the proof is ok. You can use official target values and tolerances provided by organizations such as FOGRA or you can easily create and use your own criteria.

Make sure that the Filter and Backing settings of the GMG ProofControl print standard match the measurement condition when measuring the control strip. Otherwise, proof verification will not be possible.

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