GMG ColorServer Digital and GMG SmartProfiler Spectral

GMG ColorServer Digital automates the optimization of PDF and image data for digital printing processes. It helps you standardize your inkjet or toner-based digital presses and gives you the flexibility to switch jobs from one press to another.

As part of GMG ColorServer Digital, GMG introduces an entirely new version of GMG SmartProfiler, based on spectral measurements instead of Lab. Don't worry, profiling will be just as easy as before. In the background, GMG OpenColor will serve as a profiling client and will automatically provide the appropriate test charts. You will only need a measuring device able to create spectral measurement data.

Main features

  • Fast and easy stabilization and calibration of your digital presses.
  • Ink and click savings while achieving the highest possible color quality.
  • Reliable color consistency throughout the production chain, no matter which press is used.

GMG SmartProfiler Spectral and other features bundled in this edition are not included in the standard GMG ColorServer version, but require purchase of GMG ColorServer Digital.