Broad spectrum, in-depth knowledge

Unrivaled understanding of color management and first-hand industry experience result in sustainable process optimization: Our experts from GMG Services and GMG Consulting ensure that the possibilities of new technologies are utilized to their full extend. And the GMG Academy offers highly efficient workshops, practical training, and informative webinars.


To give color management professionals support and arm them with the knowledge to get the best out of their GMG tools, we created a series of hands-on workshops. And if you don’t find what you need, we can also offer custom workshops and training programs.

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They say – efficiency is the art of concentrating on not only what’s important, but what’s relevant. That’s why our experts ensure that your GMG products perform at their best while our clients concentrate on what they do best. GMG Services offers solutions for more complex workflow integration or color profiling projects.

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Optimize your processes with the expertise from GMG. We help organizations with the development of efficient and future-proof workflow strategies. GMG's consultants are armed with 35 years of pioneering color management know-how and work with your teams to deliver on the most challenging projects. 

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