Outstanding color management – flexible and reliable

GMG’s holistic approach guarantees reliable processes and color results in all areas of color management. Whether proofing or color conversion, the award-winning software from GMG is the basis for setting up a tailor-made color management solution.


GMG proofing solutions guarantee superior proofing results. GMG ProofMedia is designed to deliver the most accurate results and, together with proof profiles and software solutions, has become the standard for contract proofing.

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Prepress Software for Proofing

Prepress Software for Color Conversion

Color conversion

Achieving consistent colors on different substrates using different prepress and printing processes requires an innovative color conversion solution.

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GMG Products in Use

Managing Director Anita and the rest of the Hine team have made a huge difference to their business since the GMG solution was implemented. Marketing Manager Rob Lucas says  “Colour management is the backbone of Hine Labels’ commitment to delivering exceptional quality”.

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GMG ColorServer enables Tradeprint to build a library of output profiles by stock and device to ensure maximum consistency across their multiple devices and output conditions. “We’ve achieved reliable colour consistency without impact on customer files – this is leading to improved quality control and happier customers.”

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Change is part of Bubu’s DNA, and innovation is a hallmark of its company culture. It is, therefore, no coincidence that the company’s decision-makers also wanted to benefit from the latest developments in color management.

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Read here how Siegwerk Druckfarben benefits of the switch from manually produced ink drawdowns to digitally printed color cards. 

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Find out how VGL achieved consistent color results on different printers and substrates across all business areas.

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Read here how the KOLB Group achieves predictable and consistent print results in digital printing, even on natural brown corrugated board.

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Read how abc packmedia was able to automate and simplify this process for the benefit of efficiency - without any loss of quality. 

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McGowans Print did not leave it at that, but took matters into their own hands. You can read here how they were able to save ink even permanently.

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Find out here how Janoschka Germany has been able to improve the quality of its digital proofs and thus also the close match to the final print.

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Find out how Lösch has everything to do with color under control and how they have increased their efficiency immensely.

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Read how Equator Design achieved faster process execution while improving quality here.

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