GMG ColorProof: efficient, accurate, and reliable proofing

Producing printed matters will inevitably present the need to predict and approve the desired print result before going to press. GMG ColorProof is the benchmark in digital proofing. Setting industry standards and a globally recognized solution guarantee a contract proof system that all parties can trust: from the pressroom to prepress, as well as agencies and marketing departments.

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Consistent proof system results anytime, anywhere

GMG ColorProof is at the heart of a powerful system integrating digital color proofing devices and GMG ProofMedia that simulate the final print results of a printing press. GMG’s innovative calibration concept ensures stability and reliability across a range of proofing- and measuring-devices in multiple locations.

Plug & Proof

GMG ColorProof comes pre-loaded with color profiles for all standards, ensuring a ‘no hassle’ setup. Simply select your printer, calibrate and proof. Thanks to the pre-loaded color profiles, creating color-accurate reference proofs is effortless.

Consistent results across multiple locations

Thanks to GMG ColorProof GO and the remote proofing function, it’s simple to achieve the same print results wherever your printer is located – in the room next door or in another country. Controlled via a browser, all proofers on the systems are easily controlled and managed from anywhere in the world. 

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Reliable packaging printing

Due to the wide range of printing processes and substrates in packaging printing, individual adjustments are part of the daily routine. The combination of GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorProof makes the creation of customer-specific standards unbelievably easy.

"The more complex the label or flexible packaging job, the more important it is to check results early in the process, before making plates or printing. This is why OPM uses the GMG proof worklow to manage color expectations."

Susan Ellison, Managing Director at OPM Group

Proofing systems for specific applications

With GMG DotProof, the screen angles, screen ruling and dot shape as well as color of a proof can be simulated accurately. Print issues such as register misalignments or the wide variety of printing substrates in flexo printing can also be simulated with GMG FlexoProof.

Success Stories

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Workshops and Webinars

The GMG Academy offers tailor-made workshops and webinars to make the use of GMG ColorProof as easy and efficient as possible.

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