GMG ProofMedia: certified substrates for accurate color reproduction

High-quality proof media are of central importance for reliable proofing. Even the smallest fluctuations in production, changed surface structures, or unstable drying behavior can lead to deviations in color. A precise prediction of printing results requires media that are available worldwide and guarantee consistent quality.

The key to reliable accuracy – GMG Proofing Solution

A reliable proofing system is key to achieving color-accurate results. GMG ProofMedia plays a crucial role in this closed system of GMG software, high-end proofing devices and GMG color management know-how.

GMG ProofMedia Premium – color accuracy without compromise

Highest product quality, global availability and superior light fastness mean that GMG ProofMedia Premium enables the proofing of all industry printing standards. It is for that reason that the GMG back print is accepted as a seal of approval, and together with GMG ProofControl it ensures a proof meets the industry’s highest quality standard.

GMG ProofMedia Studio – the look and feel of the final print result

The feel of GMG ProofMedia Studio range is particularly convincing and unique: When color-accurate reference proofs are required to resemble the final printing stock, the GMG ProofMedia Studio range is the substrate of choice. 

Color accuracy – even under light containing UV

When paper is examined under light containing UV rays the difference between substrates containing Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) and those without are apparent. Because printing papers often contain OBA it is paramount that the proofs are also produced on proof paper with Optical Brightening Agents. That’s why the GMG ProofMedia portfolio includes substrates containing OBA to ensure a visual match of proof and production print when viewed under UV light.


At GMG, we strive to minimise resources during production. Our GMG ProofMedia Papers are certified by FSC® (FSC-C131362).