GMG ProofControl: verify proofs quickly and reliably

GMG ProofControl objectively analyzes proofs in no time, making them a legally binding reference in color communication. The detailed measurement protocol is recognized worldwide and avoids individual interpretation. GMG ProofControl is the incorruptible reference for print production.

Plug & Verify

GMG ProofControl includes all international standards as well as common control strips. This makes it easy to check whether a proof is within an industry-standard tolerance range before it’s verified with a proof label.

The green check

Color accuracy is measured and reliably documented. The process is incredibly simple. Print, measure the control strip and verify. When the green checkmark appears, the proof is verified. The self-adhesive label is applied to the proof to verify it as a contract proof. On printers with built-in measuring devices, proof verification can even be automated.

Flexible packaging printing

Individual adjustments are part of day-to-day business in packaging printing and therefore require special quality control. GMG ProofControl enables you to create and save custom standards allowing you to verify jobs based on your clients’ agreed standards. This ensures consistent results and happy clients.