Don’t take a chance when it comes to proofing

Design, retouching, and client approval are time-consuming processes involving many stakeholders. It’s therefore important that the printed product looks exactly as expected. Accurate predictions provide security for everyone involved. Complete with profiles, proof media, and proofing printers, GMG’s solutions ensure true color certainty: a GMG proof can be matched exactly on press. 

Professional proofing systems for accurate results

In order to produce color-accurate proofs of consistent quality and predict accurate print results anywhere in the world, we need reliable proofing solutions fit for purpose. Our specially adapted printer drivers are optimized to get the best out of the GMG ProofMedia portfolio in order to maximize quality and make the best possible use of the full available color space. Thanks to the unique calibration concept, consistent color results are always guaranteed. 

Consistent colors thanks to GMG ProofMedia

Communication of color is a challenge for all involved, especially when it comes to global productions. A proofing system that always provides binding references is essential. GMG ProofMedia plays a key part in this system. Consistently high product quality, outstanding lightfastness, age resistance and availability worldwide are just a few of the advantages. The proofing substrates specially optimized for GMG software make highest color accuracy possible and set the industry standard.

Maximum color accuracy

Consistency is key for any project that requires accurate color output. Only if all parties can fully rely on accurate proofs, they can communicate effectively and produce the required print result. 
To achieve maximum color consistency, GMG Proofing Systems are based on GMG’s own DeviceLink technology and printer drivers. Compared to ICC profiles, GMG DeviceLink profiles ensure more precise color control. All color profiles for current international printing standards were created and checked specifically for the GMG Proofing Systems.