GMG ColorPlugin: Optimizing Photoshop for Packaging Professionals

Replacing process colors, and expanding CMYK images with one or more spot color channels are typical, but time-consuming tasks, even for experienced specialists. With GMG ColorPlugin, such tasks can be executed with just a few mouse clicks. The results can be repeated at any time, and even less experienced colleagues are impressed with the ease of use. 

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Effortless spot color management in Adobe Photoshop

In package printing, images are often separated using spot colors. GMG ColorPlugin extends Adobe Photoshop with the automation for this process and enables the use of multicolor color spaces. GMG OpenColor provides the separation profiles for this purpose.

Accurate on-screen representation instead of countless proofs

Finally, a reliable preview of spot colors in Adobe Photoshop: GMG ColorPlugin offers the unique ability to evaluate the results of a separation directly on screen. The preview takes all relevant parameters, such as the printing process, substrate, and many others, into account – saving a huge amount of time.

Intuitive user interface

The seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop gives GMG ColorPlugin a familiar feel. The user-friendly interface guarantees that even those with less experience can effortlessly and confidently prepare print data.

Central database for all projects

Thanks to the integration with GMG OpenColor – the award-winning color management software from GMG – projects can be saved with all color management parameters for repeat use at any time. Access to individual projects can be extended to any number of workstations.

Streamlined process

GMG ColorPlugin significantly accelerates previously time-consuming and complex processes, while also ensuring highest quality of print results.

Removing CMYK channels and adding spot color channels –
ChannelRemover and ChannelChanger for unbeatable efficiency.

Brecht Ameye, Prepress Coordinator at Athena Graphics, demonstrates the power of GMG ColorPlugin:

"Now, we can edit images with ease. GMG ColorPlugin has already saved us a huge amount of time, and we get consistent results no matter which operator is working on a project."

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