We’ve got your back: GMG Consulting

Optimized strategies and processes for custom workflows

The GMG Consulting team specializes in developing reliable and efficient workflow strategies. Our consultants can draw on many years of practical experience, deep technical understanding and the ability to think outside the box and beyond our products.
Our experts share a passion for color management and provide valuable insights into the challenges of the industry. GMG Consulting develops strategies that offer process security and reliability in a time where the industry still battles with the vast pace of digital change. 

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Individual solutions for ink reduction: Reducing ink costs while maintaining best color appearance and a more stable production process is not a contradiction but our promise. Our team will be happy to advise you on how to achieve this - regardless of whether you want to print digitally or conventionally.
  • Color management for brand owners: GMG can help you to ensure the consistent and accurate reproduction of your brand colors anywhere in the world and on any substrate. Our color consultants will set up a process to improve the efficiency of your workflows and enhance the accuracy of your brand appearance globally. 
  • Multicolor-Printing: Optimizing our clients’ processes in a multicolor-print workflow is always a welcome challenge for our experts. Custom processes require in-depth knowledge and that starts with the choice of printing inks. Naturally optimizing print data is a crucial element and we even guide you through the fingerprinting process and the creation of custom profiles.
  • GMG ColorMaster: If you work in a media-neutral process and therefore want to work in the widest color spectrum until you need to convert to a specific color space, GMG ColorMaster offers the ideal solution.

Contact us to find out more about media-neutral workflows and efficient color management processes.