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Working at Equator Design

"Customers are continually looking for faster time to market. GMG ColorPlugin helps us in our overall aim to exceed client expectations in terms of quality and speed. The plugin is giving us more capacity to handle greater volumes of work."

Gary Moore, Color Manager at Equator Design

The Challenge

Speed-up processes with simultaneously improved color consistency

Equator Design not only takes care of product development and a corresponding sales strategy, but has also taken on the task of in-house photography processing and prepress for printing. Those who so seamlessly take care of their customers' needs are themselves dependent on an equally comprehensive and reliable solution in terms of process and color management.
The company was looking for a solution that would speed up and improve the results of color conversions that had previously been carried out manually. In addition, it should be possible to use existing GMG color profiles.

The Solution

GMG color management for Adobe Photoshop

To automate the previously manual conversions in image retouching and ensure accurate reproduction of brand colors throughout the process, the solution for Equator Design was GMG ColorPlugin. The plugin can be used directly in Adobe Photoshop, and all the benefits of GMG MX conversions are available to every user right from the start. Even editing of single layers or masked areas is possible individually. 

The Benefits

• Increased productivity through time savings in image processing
• Improved color consistency in separations - even between different users
• Consistent color results by using existing color profiles for conversion and proofing
• High degree of flexibility for users

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Equator Design

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