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Upcoming Workshops at GMG Academy

Description Software covered Date
Color Management and Standardization

This basic workshop is designed for anyone in the graphic arts industry who would like to be at eye level in everything regarding color. Get to know the basics of color management, the latest industry standards and learn how to use our proofing solution.

29.09.2020 until 01.10.2020

Digital Printing - Process Control and Profiling

This workshop is worthwhile for both technical professionals in digital print production and newcomers to the world of digital printing. Master the digital printing process with our help and learn about the most important parameters.

Upon Request

Packaging - From Design to Print

Experience the complete process of packaging print production firsthand! By showing technical correlations and backgrounds, we enable you to structure your own processes more efficiently and optimize color communication with your customers.

10.11.2020 until 12.11.2020

GMG Profiling and Optimization - Intensive

This offering is an intensive workshop for those already creating color profiles with GMG solutions and who would like to deepen their knowledge.

Upon Request

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Webinars at GMG

Getting Started with Prototype Proofing (GMG Americas Webinar)

Thinking about stepping up your proofing game? What if you could deliver color-accurate proofs that look and feel like the finished product, no 3d glasses required?

July 9th 2020 4.00 p.m. - 4.45 p.m.
Is Multicolor changing the whole industry? The 3 secrets for digital print success in packaging

How do I realize my brand and spot colors with a fixed color set? How can I expand my skills in data preparation including multicolor? And how can I increase efficiency in production an fully utilize my digital press?

45 Minutes | free of charge | recording
ProcessStandard Digital in a nutshell – Part 1: ISO15311 – standardized digital printing?

In Part 1 we discover what’s inside ISO15311, which is the base for the ProcessStandard Digital (PSD). Our guest Dr. Andreas Kraushaar will talk more in detail about the history and genesis of the PSD.

45 Minutes | free of charge | recording
ProcessStandard Digital in a nutshell – Part 2: New processes – new evaluation

In the second part we have a closer view on the visual evaluation of digital prints. Learn more about media-relative evaluation of prints. Our guest Dr. Andreas Kraushaar will share details about the exchange color space eciCMYK v2 (FOGRA59) with us.

45 Minutes | free of charge | recording
ProcessStandard Digital in a nutshell – Part 3: Process control

This third and last part around the PSD is dedicated to the process control in digital printing. How can we control our print system? What to do to achieve measureable and comparable results?

45 Minutes | free of charge | recording
Proofing at it’s Best: The Do’s and Don’ts of Calibrating Your System

Learn in 30 minutes how to calibrate your proof system in an easy and fast way - and how to check and maintain the calibration during production.

45 Minutes | free of charge | recording
What's New with GMG - All The Cool Stuff We Built For DRUPA

July 9th 2020 7.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. - GMG Americas Webinar

30 Minutes | free of charge | live

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