Color consistency across all devices and substrates in digital printing

“After the GMG software was installed we had to move a tricky job from one press to another. The color was reproduced exactly, so GMG passed the test.”

Rory McCrystal, Technical Manager at McGowans Print

The Challenge

Color consistency across devices for digital printing

McGowans Print operates numerous digital presses of various types at its Dublin site, including several large format devices. In order to be able to produce quickly and without any loss of quality, even at very high print volumes, the company was looking for a solution that would guarantee reliable color reproduction on a wide range of substrates across all devices.
In addition, the print shop was confronted with constantly rising printing costs due to high ink consumption. The company wanted to address this problem too, but without having to sacrifice spot colors and the expected quality.

The Solution

Process optimization with GMG Color Server, GMG InkOptimizer and GMG SmartProfiler

In order to achieve consistent color reproduction on the large number of different digital printing and large-format presses, as well as the wide range of substrates, McGowans Print decided to use GMG ColorServer. The unique MX technology enables RGB, CMYK or mixed image data to be automatically converted into one output color space. GMG SmartProfiler helps to keep all existing machines always calibrated and stable. GMG InkOptimizer is used for process optimization, which improves the separation of the image data and thus delivers optimized image quality. 

The Benefits

• Consistent color reproduction on all devices and substrates - including spot colors
• Greater flexibility in production thanks to uniform machine conditions
• Increased productivity through automated workflows
• Decreased ink costs and reduced wear and tear through optimized image quality 

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McGowans Print

The Irish company with locations in Dublin and Belfast is one of the pioneers in digital printing in Europe. Well-known branded companies rely on the many years of experience of the printing company, which covers a wide range of print products with a large and innovative machine park.

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