Benefits of digital printing – consistent brand colors in CMYK on corrugated cardboard

"The results are impressive. It’s not just the outstanding quality and the precise color reproduction, the unlimited repeatability is an important aspect too."

Sebastian Fromm, Production Manager KOLB DigitalSolutions

The challenge

Brand colors digitally printed in CMYK on corrugated cardboard

Printing on corrugated cardboard requires very specific know-how. The greatest challenge is to achieve the desired color values on recycled cardboard. Even accurately measuring a color printed on corrugated cardboard requires expert knowledge as the material can sometimes present in widely varying colors. In general, darker substrates create the biggest challenges – but at the same time this can also present opportunities.

Since the packaging printing industry is used to printing custom spot colors, it’s important for KOLB DigitalSolutions to achieve identical result on their CorruJET 170 digital printing machine from Koenig & Bauer Durst printing CMYK.

Standard color management quickly reaches its limits here – consistent results are almost impossible to achieve, and the results usually lack vibrancy.

The solution

Innovative color management with a holistic approach

The GMG team of experts’ starting point was a thorough analysis of all production parameters on different substrates. Once all parameters and potential variations had been recorded, the implementation of the appropriate color management solution could start. From measuring test charts to data optimizing and profiling of print data – all was carried out with GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorServer Digital. The profiling convinces across the board: vibrant images and brand colors are repeatedly reproduced with incredible accuracy and consistency on a wide variety of materials.

The advantages

• Predictable and consistent print results
• Simple adjustments to accommodate changes in production parameters with SmartProfiler
• Standardized processes are automated with GMG ColorServer
• More than training: comprehensive support and coaching with GMG Services

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