A confident approach to color – matching colors efficiently in large format digital print

“Consistency over time of brand reproduction is essential for us across all the sectors we deal in.”
Daniel Field, Managing Director of VGL (Vinyl Graphics Limited), UK

The challenge

Consistent colors and maximum efficiency in large format printing

VGL is a technology-driven large format print business. Particularly across their retail and transport work, they needed the confidence that color is reproduced accurately as well as consistently. The goal: consistent and efficient management of color. When producing print media for outdoor advertising and POS displays, VGL must be able to accurately reproduce them time and time again. The same goes for other applications: printed fabrics, dye sublimation, and rigid boards or branded fleet graphics. VGL chose GMG to achieve consistent results on different printing machines and substrates across all business areas.

The solution

GMG ColorServer Digital with the built-in spectral profiling of GMG OpenColor

VGL chose GMG to achieve consistent results on different printers and substrates across all business areas.

Using GMG ColorServer has delivered significant efficiencies in prepress. When any changes are made to the file input data, GMG ColorServer automatically converts RGB, CMYK, spot colors, and mixed data for all presses and profiles, without VGL’s prepress team having to manually tweak color data. Built-in spectral profiling from GMG OpenColor also provides superior spot color separations and allows for precise prediction and optimized test charts for the business’ digital printing.

The advantages

• Built-in spectral profiling for excellent spot color separations
• Increased productivity due to automated conversion
• Compensation of substrate related color shift
• Fast, easy, and reliable recalibration to reference conditions
• Accurate predictions and optimized test charts for digital printing

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VGL are a large format print specialist with a reputation as one of the UK’s most innovative and reliable print solution providers.

Founded in 1976, VGL have the expertise and capability to produce incredible graphics across various sectors, from commercial fleet branding, outdoor media, architectural solutions, retail graphics and POS campaigns. Driven by technology and powered by a wealth of print experience, the reputation of the brand for exceptional quality has seen customer relationships last for decades. 

VGL: Vinyl Graphics Limited
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