Swiss-made photo books – efficient and reliable, thanks to GMG ColorServer

“Our customers may re-order their book a week after the first run. They expect it to look exactly the same. Of course, we want to be able to meet their expectations and GMG ColorServer gives us that peace of mind.”
Fabian Biondi, IT Project Manager, Bubu AG, Switzerland

The Challenge

Consistent results across various different presses – as efficiently as possible.

In addition to optimizing the process in terms of quality and efficiency, Bubu AG also focused on process security. The previous solution was fairly complex and outdated. The team wanted to reduce complexity, achieve better results, while relying on a well-established and trusted solution.

The Solution

GMG ColorServer

Thanks to GMG ColorServer, consistent print results can be achieved reliably and efficiently – no matter which printing press is used or who the operator is.

Instead of calibrating multiple times a day, the team now only has to calibrate once a week. In addition, the solution is very intuitive and user-friendly. The feedback is consistently positive.

The Benefits

  • Integrated spectral profiling for excellent spot color separations
  • Increased productivity with automatized conversion
  • Compensation for substrate-related color deviations
  • Fast, simple, and reliable recalibration of reference conditions
  • Precise predictions and optimized test charts for digital printing

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About Bubu AG, Switzerland:

Bubu produces high-quality photo books for end users and corporate clients.

The Swiss company Bubu AG, based in Mönchaltorf in the canton of Zurich, has been founded 80 years ago and currently employs around 100 employees. The company has made a name for itself as a bookbinder over the years. At the same time, Bubu pioneered the development of books-on-demand. In 2004, the Swiss company entered the photo book market and launched the Bookfactory.

Bubu AG
Isenrietstrasse 21
8617 Moenchaltorf