GMG ColorPlugin: quick, accurate and safe image conversions in Adobe Photoshop

In packaging, print data processing in Adobe Photoshop often requires the replacement of a process color or even a channel extension of a CMYK image with one or more spot colors. Achieving the customer’s exact color specification using manual conversion can be very time-consuming even for the most experienced operators. GMG ColorPlugin achieves the required result with a few simple clicks: from accurate color conversion into the required color space, efficient under color removal (UCR/GCR) to the most flexible image separation.

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Working with spot colors in Adobe Photoshop couldn’t be easier

In packaging printing, image data is often separated using spot colors. GMG ColorPlugin enhances Adobe Photoshop by automating this process. It also extends the color space to include special inks, making the process of jobs printed with specials easier and much more predictable. 

Accurate predictions

The approval process for images and color graphics can be complex and time-consuming. Our soft-proof solution GMG ColorPlugin allows the operator to preview the job accurately on-screen using the enhanced preview function in Adobe Photoshop. This allows quick and accurate approval saving time and money on proofing steps. 

Greater print stability

Exchanging or removing individual channels for more stability in printing is possible with features like ChannelChanger and ChannelRemover. Complete images, masked areas or layers can be used to convert all or parts of a job into the desired color space or adjusted to the chosen print process. 

Optimized for flexo printing

Problematic areas for flexographic printing, such as the first printing dot, can be identified with MinDot Preview and optimized for printing with MinDot Adjust. This ensures that even images with fine detail are printed accurately and banding is minimized.

The complete solution for color conversion

GMG ColorPlugin allows you to use the superior GMG MX technology in Adobe Photoshop. Profiles created in GMG ColorServer, GMG InkOptimizer or GMG OpenColor can effortlessly integrate into your image processing workflow.

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