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Digital CMYK printing is used in many market segments: large format printing, advertising or even packaging printing. Short print runs or personalization are only two strengths of digital print. Quality requirements of customers are in most cases summed up as follows: Achieving the right color is a must – even for urgent projects or repeat orders. If you want consistent results in digital printing and you have to reproduce brand colors in CMYK, GMG ColorServer Digital is the perfect solution.

Consistent results on every device

Despite the multitude of digital - and large format machines and the huge variety of printing substrates, achieving consistent results is a must – a powerful solution is required. GMG ColorServer Digital delivers exactly the colors that customers expect. The application is as precise as it is efficient. With the unique MX technology from GMG, RGB, CMYK or even mixed image data are automatically converted into the desired output color space.

The user-friendly assistant for digital printing — GMG SmartProfiler

GMG SmartProfiler is an integral part of GMG ColorServer Digital and, with its step-by-step user guide, offers every user the possibility to calibrate and recalibrate the various digital and large format printing presses. With GMG SmartProfiler, profiles for specific conditions can be created extremely quickly and with incredible ease.

Industry standards provide assurance — even in digital printing

Conventionally produced jobs using industry standards such as FOGRA39, must look exactly the same when printed digitally. Maximum accuracy is required when converting data from industry standards to the color space of a digital press. Good job that GMG ColorServer Digital with integrated GMG OpenColor provides the technology brands rely on and trust globally.

Less ink, fewer clicks

The integrated EcoSave function reduces ink consumption - without any loss in quality. Saving ink means cutting costs. And since some manufacturers of digital printing machines use ink consumption as a payment model, EcoSave is even more worthwhile. Incidentally, print speed is increased as a result and consequently the capacity of a digital printing press often improves by 30 or even 40 percent.

“A major advantage today is color-workflow reliability . Take gray balance for example – we see great improvements since using GMG ColorServer."

Oliver Schmitter, Technical Project Manager at Christinger + Partner AG

GMG ColorServer Conventional

GMG ColorServer Conventional supports offset-, flexo- and gravure printing. The solution is optimized for both CMYK commercial- and packaging printing. 

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GMG ColorServer Multicolor

Maximum flexibility, maximum efficiency, exact spot color representation with a fixed ink set. Whether conventional- or digital printing – GMG ColorServer Multicolor is the guarantee for futureproof processes, especially in the packaging industry. 

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