GMG at Labelexpo Europe – Color management is the key to successful label production

Tuebingen, Germany (30th of August 2023) – Today’s label production presents numerous challenges all at once: managing digital and analog print processes, producing repeat orders of identical color quality, maintaining consistency across different locations, ensuring predictable results, and managing time and cost pressures.

From the 11th to the 14th of September, GMG’s color experts will be demonstrating at Labelexpo in Brussels how label printing companies can future-proof their business by implementing a powerful color management solution to address all the above-mentioned challenges.

Jens Blöck, Product Manager at GMG, firmly believes that there is still significant potential in the prepress phase. Substantial improvements are quick to achieve and come at comparatively low cost, he explains. “Expectations have risen significantly, especially for label printing. Brand owners simply don’t accept inconsistencies when it comes to the reproduction of their brand colors. One of the typical challenges is the printing of brand spot colors on a digital press. GMG’s color management ensures that the outcome is always accurate, regardless of the printing conditions.”

GMG offers a powerful portfolio including GMG ColorProof, GMG OpenColor, and GMG ColorServer. These solutions are widely regarded as de facto standards by many companies in the label and packaging industry.

Example GMG OpenColor: The latest update brought spectacular performance gains. With the new GMG Spectral MX Color Engine, for instance, the profile calculation is up to 15 times faster, the profile quality is improved, and the profile size is up to 90% smaller. The higher-resolution MXN profiles lead to better color matching between proof and print, hence optimize print approvals in the packaging supply chain. In an industry where speed, volume, and efficiency are paramount, the advantages are obvious.

For Stefan Zrenner, Head of Sales & Marketing at GMG, another aspect is crucial alongside performance: “GMG OpenColor users benefit from a central platform where all data and profiles for process characterization and spot colors are stored. As a result, the same reference data source can be used for both proofing and color conversions.”

GMG’s color management also stands for increased profitability. When it comes to efficiency in print production, solutions that provide quick returns are especially desirable. Companies with digital presses can reduce click charges and save ink with the help of GMG ColorServer – with the removal of unused channels, for example. An interesting side effect: significantly increased printing speeds on some machines.

Interested visitors of Labelexpo Europe can find GMG in Hall 11, Stand C20.

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