GMG presents a proofing solution that fits HP Indigo like no other: GMG ColorProof now supports the HP DesignJet Z9+

Tuebingen, Germany (November 7th, 2023) – GMG is recognized worldwide as the standard in proofing and color management, while HP has significantly shaped digital printing. It's about time for a proofing solution specifically created for HP Indigo users. The application may surprise: proofing for digital printing. Until now, producing press proofs on the Indigo is a fairly common process. However, it’s costly to tie up the powerful HP Indigo for proofing. A ‘real’ proofer that, in conjunction with GMG ColorProof, shows exactly what will happen on press. It’s not just reliable but also extremely cost-efficient. 

“The proofing solution from GMG is by far the better solution compared to the proof-on-press strategy,” emphasizes Birgit Plautz, Manager of Technical Services at GMG Americas. “Together with our partners from HP, we have asked various users in the US for their assessment” Plautz adds, “and everyone agrees that the excellent HP Indigo should do exactly what it was made for: production printing.”

“We know precisely how the end result will look without needing to operate the full press” confirms George Hlad of Resource Label.

In addition to the precise predictability of GMG ColorProof, the primary focus lies in the cost-effectiveness of the solution. The numbers stack up: in just a single proof, the cost difference between proofing on the HP Indigo vs the HP DesignJet with GMG ColorProof can extend into hundreds of Euros - and most companies proof dozens of jobs per month. GMG has developed a cost calculator illustrating the potential cost savings, making it straightforward to establish expected savings during consultation meetings. The calculator also allows for customers to input their own values in order to reflect their particular machine and production costs, which can vary from one company to another.

„GMG is renowned for its high-quality proofing solutions”, said Gershon Alon, Head of Software Solutions at HP Indigo. “Our customers are already enjoying savings in production time and materials with GMG off-press proofing, and now they can use the HP DesignJet Z9+ for proofing. HP Indigo continues to work with GMG to maximize production efficiency and reduce TCO of our joint customers”.

GMG ColorProof for the HP DesignJet Z9+ is now available.

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