GMG announces three software updates for more productivity in packaging printing

Tuebingen, Germany (12th December 2023) – With GMG ColorServer 5.5, GMG OpenColor 3.1 and GMG ColorProof 5.15, GMG's color experts show how innovative software can significantly increase productivity in print production.

The new MXN Color Engine now provides a significant performance jump for GMG's conversion and separation applications. Usability has been improved too: switching between applications is now a thing of the past. Also, with these latest updates, GMG is switching to online licensing.

“We have put a lot of development work into improving the interaction between our applications and optimizing the overall user experience. When working with GMG ColorServer, users no longer have to switch back and forth between applications. This not only increases efficiency – the improved user experience is also simply more enjoyable," says Jens Bloeck, product manager at GMG.
In packaging printing, where color accuracy and consistency are extremely important, GMG's technology guarantees the reliable representation of brand colors – especially on difficult substrates. GMG’s solution promises binding results regardless of material, printing process and quantity.

“We now use an improved profiling algorithm and our new MXN separation engine in GMG SmartProfiler to calculate separation and conversion profiles. This allows us to achieve even better color and print quality in digital printing,” explains Bloeck. “We especially see qualitative improvements in converting files from a large color space to smaller color spaces. In practice, this means that we get visibly better results on uncoated natural corrugated cardboard, even in dark color areas.”

This latest update of GMG ColorProof is particularly interesting for users who produce on an HP Indigo digital printing machine. Instead of jamming the powerful HP Indigo for proofing, the HP DesignJet Z9+ in combination with GMG ColorProof is providing a much more economical solution.

Updates for GMG OpenColor, GMG ColorServer and GMG ColorProof are now available.