Process Standardization in Packaging Printing

"All of our partners have been delighted with the proof qualities obtained using GMG OpenColor and the final print colors acchieved."

Rainer Geiger, Managing Director at Janoschka Germany

The Challenge

Improved proof quality for packaging designs with spot colors

In most prepress departments, print designs with spot colors are part of everyday life, but they are by no means routine. Proofing in the packaging industry in particular is a major challenge as soon as spot colors are an essential part of packaging design. The complex nature of flexographic printing and the influence of anilox rollers and printing plates on the print quality brings in a further challenge. 
Janoschka Germany was looking for a solution that would enable them to increase proof quality for complex packaging designs and achieve a better color match to the final print result.

The Solution

Reliable prediction of spot colors with GMG OpenColor

GMG OpenColor offers Janoschka Germany the opportunity to successfully solve all challenges relating to spot colors in packaging printing. The integration into the existing proofing system consisting of GMG ColorProof and Epson printers is seamless. All process-relevant factors are already stored in the application.
In a detailed analysis of the existing job structure, GMG worked out the best possible approach and, in close cooperation with Janoschka Germany, implemented the basis for creating the color profiles. 

The Benefits

• Improved color match between proof and final print
• Seamless integration into the existing infrastructure
• Increased productivity through standardized processes
• Easy expansion of the portfolio using control wedges from production prints

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Janoschka Deutschland

The Ismaning-based company is a German subsidiary of Janoschka Holding GmbH, the global market leader in prepress.
Its customer base includes above all branded companies as well as flexo and gravure printers, who benefit from the company's expertise and many years of experience in central repro and printing plate production.

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