Triple benefit of GMG ColorServer - colour consistency, increased speed and consumable cost reductions

“From a sales point of view, [GMG ColorServer] provides additional confidence and enables us to pursue higher end, more colour critical work.”
Anthony Rowell, Sales & Customer Success Director, Tradeprint, Dundee

The Challenge

Complex tasks, plus a lack of confidence and the ability as a business to pursue high end, color critical work.

Historically, Tradeprint had always managed color directly within the artwork for consistency. They lacked the ability to set artwork up specifically for each output device, meaning jobs were often more longwinded and complex than need be.

The Solution

GMG ColorServer

GMG ColorServer enables Tradeprint to build a library of output profiles by stock and device to ensure maximum consistency across their multiple devices and output conditions. They've also achieved reliable color consistency without impact on customer files – leading to improved quality control and happier customers.

GMG ColorServer integrates into Tradeprint’s production workflow software; Files can be passed via their MIS system, enabling them to share ink optimization in the workflow.

The Benefits

  • Additional confidence to pursue higher end, more color critical work
  • Reduced drying times to keep devices running at full speed
  • Predictable and consistent colors
  • Lowered cost of consumables
  • Happier customers

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About Tradeprint, Dundee, Scotland:

Tradeprint are pioneers of Mass Customisation in print, leveraging technology to optimize their production flows and keep print costs competitive. 

They offer diverse manufacturing capabilities across the following:

  • Digital
  • Offset
  • Sublimation
  • Large Format

Tradeprint specialises in booklets, brochures and magazines, as well as clothing and merchandise. One their fastest growing categories is wide format, including rigid boards and flexible banners.

Tradeprint were established in Dundee in 1997, a year before Google was born. In that time they've grown into a full web-to-print business acting as a print partner for thousands of aspiring businesses.

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