GMG OpenColor: Powerful color management for packaging printing

In packaging printing, different printing technologies, various media types and printing conditions often lead to deviations from industry standards. This poses a challenge for the entire packaging production process to efficiently achieve a consistent design and brand image. GMG OpenColor uses a spectral conversion technology at its core, which precisely predicts the overprinting of process and spot colors. The patented technology allows you to avoid lengthy correction loops on press before printing and makes creating custom profiles positively simple.

Precise simulations with spectral data

Our patented conversion technology enables color-accurate simulation – even without test charts. In addition to spectral color data, printing process, substrates and even ink sequence are taken into account. If a parameter changes, a profile can be quickly calculated without the need to run a new proof.

All colors in one place

With our central data management philosophy and interfaces to common color databases, color profiles are created quickly and effortlessly. Even, conversions in PDF editors are achieved with just a few clicks. Data mangement in this centralized system is safer, easier and more efficient. Because all profiles used for proofing, color conversion or extended color gamut are created from the same source data.

Continous or halftone proof?

In combination with GMG ColorProof, multicolor proof profiles are dynamically calculated using the colors assigned in the print file. Potential problems such as moirés and incorrect trapping settings can also be made visible in advance using halftone profiles.

One foundation for proof and color separation

GMG OpenColor creates proof profiles as well as separation profiles. These profiles transfer effortlessly to GMG ColorServer and GMG ColorPlugin, allowing the use of the most sophisticated color transformation tools to work seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop. Extended gamut printing projects and the replacement of CMYK channels with specials in Photoshop are now quick and simple. GMG OpenColor delivers the flexibility you wish for and the reliability you need. 

Multiple award-winning solution

"This product gives printers the freedom to mix their own ink sets and make color separations using the maximum color space. GMG OpenColor produces accurate colors in proof and print."

- Conclusion of European Digital Press Association Committee, 2017 | GMG OpenColor: Winner of EDP Awards 

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